Volunteer and make a difference.

We are always in need of trustworthy genuine volunteers at Trucking for a Cure TN. Below are some of the ways that YOU can help make a difference in the lives of those in need. If you are interested, please fill out a Volunteer application or Donation Contact form so we can connect you with the right job for your skills.

Golf Tournament Volunteers

Due to the size of this years tournament, we anticipate needing more volunteers to assist with setting out sponsor signs, setting up the tents, and other manual labor tasks.

Handyman Services

Due to the nature of the victims we sponsor and types of charity we provide, home improvement and general Handyman assistance is a great way to volunteer to help rebuild the lives of victims.

Landscaping & Lawncare

Lending families a helping hand has never been easier! Donate your time to take care of the lawn of someone in need, we can help direct your efforts.

Vehicle Repairs

Donate your time to help give diagnostics or repairs to the vehicles of the victims or families we sponsor.

Physical Therapy & Fitness

Are you an experienced personal trainer and want to donate? Donate your skillset to those in need by instructing them how to better themselves mind body and spirit!

Teach Life Skills

Many Victims or Families of those in need could use a helping hand in teaching valuable life skills they may have missed out on or something to do as a hobby to help heal or relieve stress.

Practical Skills

Volunteers willing to donate the teaching of practical skills are sorely needed, such-as trainers for Handgun Carry Permits, Cooking Lessons, and basic accounting on how to pay your bills can help.


You can help prevent Human Trafficking by being ever vigilant on the road and at rest stops. If you see something, say something. Save a life.